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Take Advantage of These Powerful Faith Teaching Resources for Earth Week

Interfaith Power and Light has created a wide variety of resources for Faith Climate Action Week or Earth Week-- please remember to emphasize the oceans in your presentations, as they are often forgotten.

Rev. Susan Hendershot, president of Interfaith Power & Light, writes: "Our theme this year is 'Our Love for Earth'. This year we will find joy and rejuvenation in the natural world and reconnect to why we love and protect our planet. We encourage everyone to disconnect once in a while from the technology that rules our days. Reconnecting with the natural world is key to improving personal health and ensuring our survival on Earth.

"This year we are looking for positive steps we can take to reconnect ourselves to the wonders of the natural world and encourage our elected leaders to create innovative polices that protect our planet and our communities. The Faith Climate Action Week website also provides sample sermons, talking points, and other printable materials. With your help, we will collect and deliver 100,000 signed postcards and letters from people of faith to U.S. senators urging action on climate change, and asking them to support our Faith Principles in any Green New Deal legislation. Click here to download your kit for Faith Climate Action Week.

"Once you plan your congregational activity, movie screening, or other event, please post them on our Faith Climate Action Week Event Calendar [at Faith Climate Action Week website] to invite your community to learn about and discuss climate change."

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