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"What does "ocean" mean to you?"

"What does your faith  or spirituality say about caring for the gifts of the oceans?"

Religious Resources and Organizations

Roman Catholic

The Catholic Church has voluminous Biblical and Church on caring for God's creation and the poor, on acting against continuing fossil fuel pollution and climate changes, and other ocean and environmental issues. It teaches that these are core faith issues as shown in Scripture, the lives of the Saints (such as St. Francis), Church teachings, and those of the popes and bishops. For many Catholic organizations and resources. click here.


Islamic draws conservation principles from the Qur’an and  basic Islamic principles such as unity (tawhid), accountability (akrah), balance (mizan) and stewardship of nature khalifa). For resources and organizations,

click here.

Confucianism & Daoism 

There is a rising awareness of the spiritual paths of caring for the earth and oceans. This article "Daoism, Confusionism, and the Environment" serves as a good overview of some of the movements.These spiritual movements are paving the way for a greener China. The International Confucian Ecological Alliance (ICEA) has created an eight-year plan. For more information on the connections between Confucianism and ecology, click here.

Protestant Christian

Evangelical, Anglican, Methodist, Baptist, Lutheran, Congregational, Quaker, and other Protestant Christian Churches have teachings about stewardship of God's creation and caring for the poor based in Scripture. These apply also to the oceans and coastal peoples. There are many organizations in the many denominations that are working to spread the Word about giving back to God and our neighbor. Click here for more.

Indigenous & Other Belief Systems

There are many other spiritual paths around the world that honor the Great Mystery/ Creator of life and Spirits with caring action. For some resources and organizations, click here.


Jewish teachings on caring for the water and land are interwoven through the Torah, teachings in the Talmud and other rabbinical sources, prayers, rituals, and festivals.  Various Jewish organizations have pulled  together these teachings together and are working for greater care in accordance with these teachings. For Jewish resources and organizations, click here.

Engaged Buddhists

Buddhists have spiritual practices that nurture compassion for all of life, meditation, mindfulness, gratitude, and universal awareness and connectivity. For resources and organizations, click here.


There are many teachings within Hinduism that also relate to caring for the earth that can be applied to the oceans. Our environmental actions affect our karma. For a Summary of teachings that can be considered, click here.

For a long list of the many religious organizations involved in environmental  action and caring for creation, go to the Yale Forum on Religion and Ecology.

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