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The Issues

How would you feel if your favorite ocean place or species

was irreparably destroyed or gone for good?

Are you willing to do something to protect it?

What would you do if you knew your actions were making others suffer?

What would your faith or spirituality ask you to do?

Fossil-Fuel Pollution & 

Climatic Changes

Oil drilling leads inevitably to ongoing small and large leaks, accidents, and spills. In the US, marine protected areas and the continental shelf are being opened for drilling unless opposed.

Rising Seas & Refugees

    A warming climate is raising sea levels,         

      leaving less affluent citizens on coasts          with nowhere to live.

Ocean Acidification & Dying Reefs

Carbon absorbed by water becomes acidified, eating away at shellfish, skeletons, and coral. Reefs are dying from this and warming seas.

Declining Species and Biodiversity Loss

The warming oceans are melting sea ice and changing migration patterns, causing wildlife to starve. The unsustainable fishing, plastics, and pollution are devastating species.

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Other Unsustainable &

Harmful Activities

Wasteful fishing practices and overfishing are devastating populations, harming communities. Dredging, drag nets, and explosions destroy reefs. Some seafood enterprises depend on slavery for their work force!

Plastic Pollution

Seas choked with plastic, oil spills, and chemicals are killing wildlife, contaminating food chains, and defacing seashores.

Sonar Pollution & Wildlife Distress

Undersea drilling, explosions, and radar stresses, disorients, deafens, and kills     whales, dolphins, and other wildlife.

Agricultural Runoff & Chemicals

Dead zones exist at points where rivers flow into the ocean carrying agricultural runoff with fertilizers, pesticides, and other chemicals.

There are solutions for these issues--

solutions you can be part of

on your own or with others.

Look to the actions on each issues page,

the Action Pledge, and the Take Action page,

where you can take and efforts you can join.

"The Earth is God's and all that is in it. 

Thou shall not destroy the Earth,

nor despoil the life thereon."

National Religious Coalition on Creation Care (NRCC)

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