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The Interfaith Ocean Ethic
The oceans are the Creator's
and all that is in them.
You shall not destroy the oceans,
nor despoil the life dependent upon them.
Actions that tend to sustain
ocean health and abundance
for all people, species, and generations to come
are good;
and those that tend otherwise are not.
Humbly, we need to act with wonder and gratitude,
striving to protect, restore,
and renew the face of the earth
and its ocean communities.
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Respect for All Peoples and All Species
We know all are important and require respect and care.

Respect for Different Faiths
We recognize the highest callings in all faiths and spiritual paths, and our common goals that bring us together. Faith needs to inspire, challenge, guide, and give meaning to our choices.

Respect for Science
We need science to inform us of the physical realities and interrelationships, and of the potential consequences of policies and personal actions.


The Power of Local People
We know that local and indigenous people have solutions and power, and they must be part of all policies and actions that affect them.

Inclusive Decision-Making
We make better decisions when we listen to diverse perspectives and backgrounds.


The Necessity of Prayer
We believe that prayer helps move hearts, minds, and hands to do the needed work.


We recognize that all of life is interconnected, and all of life matters.


We give thanks for the oceans that give us beauty, joy, recreation, food, moisture, medicines, marine life, and breath. They provide good for all.

We know that as oceans are damaged, the poorest coastal residents and communities suffer intensely, as are our brother and sister species.

Our world has the resources, creativity, and scientific and technological knowledge to act sustainably, justly, and with love.

People of faith and spirituality must work with people of science and conservation to lead the way. Transforming our energy choices, products, processes, and personal habits will transform our lives, communities, economies, and future for the better.

Our children and grandchildren, all people, species, and generations to come will benefit as we make needed changes.

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