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Fossil Fuel Pollution & Climatic Changes

What we all share is our one earth;

there is no other.

Our uses of fossil fuels are overheating the planet.

We are making the oceans sick with a fever--

and ourselves sick too.

Yet we can turn this around!

And we must.

What Is Happening

Changes to the oceans are alarming and measurable today:

  • carbon air pollution mixing with seawater is making the water's chemistry more acidic, harming shellfish and other marine life

  • warming oceans are melting glaciers, tundras, and sea ice 

  • rising tides are overflowing islands and coastal beaches, ruining fresh water sources and homes, making refugees of the inhabitants

  • higher water temperatures are bleaching and killing coral and other marine species

  • worsening hurricanes, cyclones, and freezing storms are resulting in lost lives, homes, and businesses

  • shifts in marine migrations and ocean currents are throwing off food chains, and reducing wildlife populations

  • water pollution from the undersea extraction processes of oil drilling (mercury, oil, and other chemicals) is harming and killing wildlife and polluting the seafood that humans eat

NOAA Chart on Carbon Levels in Atmosphere

              Sea Surface Temperatures          

These scientific graphics come from the data supplied by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). The heat map shows ocean temperatures (in the yellows, reds, and oranges) above 78 degrees Fahrenheit, which leads to hurricanes. In March 2018, the National Academies of Sciences from 22 nations (including Canada, United Kingdom, India, and Australia) issued a joint consensus statement on the reality of climatic changes, urging the world to take protective actions.

Coral reefs, which serve as undersea fish and marine life nurseries, are dying from the stress of warming temperatures and pollution.

Coral infographic.jpg

What You Can Do

Start with your own habits and that of your family and friends and/or faith community.

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choice climate infographic.PNG
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