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Roman Catholic Resources

Let the waters teem with an abundance

of living creatures.

                                                   Genesis 1: 20

Teachings & Articles

Catholic teachings emphasize the need to care for ocean systems and marine life because they are gifts of God's creation but also because as they are polluted, we are all harmed. These are life issues. The coastal peoples who lack affluence suffer the most from ocean pollution and rising seas. They depend most deeply upon the oceans for their livelihoods, seafood, and so much more. Their homes are demolished from hurricanes and storm surges from the melting sea ice creating rising tides. Here are key Catholic documents on oceans and guidance for teaching and action needed now!




Following St. Francis:          John Paul II's Call for Ecological Action

This book provides St. John Paul II's deep legacy of calling the world and Catholics to "ecological conversion" in the name of faith and caring for the poor. This book provides his teachings on 12 ecological issues, with quotations, scientific support, and stories of application and hope. It includes Pope Francis's first year of ecological teachings, a great preparation for his Laudato Si.



Catholic Climate Covenant

This organization provides a wide  range of resources for diocese, parishes, Catholic schools, seminarians, and individual believers, including the St. Francis Pledge.


Catholic Creation Care

is a resource website for teaching resources for congregations and for children, including--Creation Care Kids.

Global Catholic Climate Movement, this coalition of Catholic institutions, organizations, and provides resources for climate care, including the Global Catholic Divest-Invest Hub.

Eco Jesuit  connecting Jesuits, people, and ecology, sponsoring iEcoStream of ecology-faith news articles and the free interactive online science textbook Healing Earth. There is also the coalition Environmental Science for Social Change (ESSC) and Flights for Forests, a way to offset air flights with forest plantings.

Franciscan Action Network works on climate justice as one of its social justice and pro-life programs.

Catholic Ecology.Net

This blog keeps Catholics apprised of current ecological issues, events, and statements.


Catholic Rural Life Institute, with an emphasis on Stewardship, especially in terms of those who make their living off farming and livestock.

Saint Kateri Tekakwitha Conservation Center

his organization provides a wide collection of Catholic teachings and quotations on ecology. It also serves as a retreat center. 

Let us protect the oceans,

part of the

  “global commons”,    

vital for our water supply

and the variety of living creatures!

                           Pope Francis, tweet, June 8, 2016

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