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Our Mission

At the very core of all religious stirrings and traditions is the acknowledgement that we did not create this universe, and that we are beholden and duty-bound to the Mysterious and Infinite Creator who did. Therefore we cannot harm the life that has been created without great moral, spiritual, physical, social and economic consequences.


If religion is to speak authentically on anything, it must speak about life--about the systematic harm to the poor and threats to our world and all of creation upon it. This is why religious leaders, such as Pope Francis, have proclaimed “The ecological crisis is a moral crisis!

Fossil fuel extraction and pollution are destroying the ocean and climate systems that support all life on earth. Rising seas and intensifying storms are chasing the coastal poor from their homes. Overfishing and plastics are devastating marine habitats and wildlife. The seas are dying, and as they die, so do those who depend upon them.

The voice of religion cannot be silent.

We must speak and act now. We have delayed too long already.

That is the reason for Interfaith Oceans.

"Let the waters teem with an abundance of living creatures"

 (Holy Bible, Genesis 1:20)

For the history of Interfaith Oceans, click here 

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