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Films & Videos

Show a Short YouTube Film or a Movie

Showing a YouTube Video or film can be a great way to introduce your community of faith to the problems facing oceans and the people who depend on them -- and stimulate discussions, caring and action.


Consider "Thank You, Ocean: The Ocean Takes Care of Us, Let's Return the Favor" on the many ways the ocean contributes to our lives; Chasing Coral, on the beauty and loss of corals; "How Whales Change Climate," a great short presentation with surprising insights on how crucial whales to allow the oceans to sequester carbon without acidification. Chasing Coral, for instance, offers resources for hosting screenings with discussions and follow up action steps to make a difference.


Excellent films exist on many topics, including ocean acidification, species loss, and overfishing. Here are some films that work well, presenting the issues based on sound science and ways each of us get help find solutions.

There are also exceptional TED Talks. For instance, you can watch Dr. Sylvia Earle's compelling TED Talk: "How to Protect the Oceans."

Dr. Wallace Nichols talks about how our minds evolved with water: "How Blue Is Your Mind?"

Here is a video that goes with this talk-- Blue Mind: Water is Medicine.

When Heaven Meets Earth reveals how shrinking fish harvests in the Chesapeake Bay led Christian fishermen to work with conservation scientists once Tangiers Island residents studied Scripture and accepted God’s mandate to care for all creation. A discussion guide for the film can be downloaded from the website.

A Sea Change: Imagine a World without Fish, by Bullfrog Films, explores the whole problem of ocean acidification from carbon pollution and its effects on ocean life and what to do.

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