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E ola ke kai, e ola kakou.
As the ocean thrives, so do we.
​'Ōlelo No'eau


The peoples of the many different coastal nations and communities have vastly different histories, traditions, beliefs, and ways of life. However, the Elders in many of  these communities share the perspective that all of life is interconnected, just as the generations are. If we respect the waters and the earth, they will nurture us, as we are all connected and related.

The Smithsonian article "How Canoes Are Saving Lives and Renewing Spirit" examines how sea and river canoes are returning to the community of the water. Here are some other resources:


There are as many organizations as there are different peoples with different cultures and beliefs. Here are a few:

We are the watchmen for our children,

our ancestors have paddled up beside us,

we will not walk away from you,

we sing for you;

all your spirits will be warned

spirit over there!
spirit over there
go out to sea!     
go out to sea!

Tlingit translated to English

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