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Honor World Oceans Day with Your Faith Community--June 8, 2018!

Think of what we can accomplish working together across the globe! Be part of the wave of good. This day serves as an excellent opportunity to raise ocean awareness with your friends, family, community, and faith group--and to get active in a beach clean up, restoration project, prayer and awareness building event.

The action theme this year is "Preventing plastic pollution and encouraging solutions for a healthy ocean." The event ideas and planning resources on the World Oceans Day site can help you organize your event. Use the faith resources on the Interfaith Oceans site to articulate why this is important according to your own religious or spiritual traditions and teachings.

The World Oceans Day site includes event promotional materials, plastics pollution awareness building resources, including a lesson plan for teachers. Religious groups are encouraged to get involved, with a special page: "Protecting the Ocean with Your Faith-Based Organization."

To inspire others and get them involved, post the details of your event on your own social media calendars and submit it to the World Oceans Day organization so your event can be listed.

Remind your community that “We did not create the vastness and power of the oceans, and we take them for granted,” says Interfaith Oceans Director Marybeth Lorbiecki. “We depend upon the oceans for breath, food, rain, weather systems, beauty, and relaxation, yet we are harming them faster than they can recover.”

From a faith perspective, it's important to remember who is hurt right now and will continue to be hurt if we do not act. “The coastal poor suffer the most from the devastation to the fisheries, climate systems, and other ocean destruction,” says Lorbiecki. “We hope to get religious congregations outdoors doing hands-on restoration work wherever they are, be it of a beach, river, forest, or prairie.”


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