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We Are 

Interfaith Oceans
Protecting ocean systems and species,
people and cultures,
through faith and science
working together.
Why We are Needed

Interfaith Oceans is a multi-religious program to help preserve, conserve, and restore the gifts given to all in the oceans-- the systems, species, and coastal communities. The oceans support all of life on land with oxygen, food, weather,  livelihoods, and beauty.

Yet you can see the rising, warming sea levels, acidifying sea water, and rapidly declining marine life.  Island and coastal communities are suffering the loss of fisheries, homes, and fresh water, along with devastating storms. . We offer information on the issues, varied religious perspectives (such as Catholic, Protestant, Jewish), and menus for action.

What We Do
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Get to Know the Issues

 You can find scientific, social, and economic effects of key ocean issues that affect people, marine wildlife, and ocean systems. The Religious Declaration of Ocean Emergency provides a summary of the threats and damage,  The  Interfaith Ocean Ethic offers moral guidance based on shared religious and spiritual principles. 

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Awaken Others

Faith communities need to fully understand the interconnections of ocean issues in light of their own religion's  teachings, Scriptures, and prophets--and choices!. Find the posted resources from your faith tradition or spiritual path.  You can use the religious and interfaith resources to consider and converse heart-to-heart with your faith community, pro-life advocates, and elected representatives.



   A menu of actions is provided that you and your faith community can choose from.  We encourage you to pray together, discuss issues, take actions, support marine protected areas, and get involved in restoration activities and the ocean campaigns of our partners.

 Creation Justice Ministries provides an ocean campaign notification sign up and additional action resources.

What We are Accomplishing

For additional activities, check out our blog.

Visit our old website for earlier articles.

"So what we do to the oceans,

God’s vast blue Creation,

we do to God’s other creations,  

including ourselves. . . ."

Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew


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